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After years of holidays in Spain and where we had become more and more disappointed to come home to the often bad weather (Norway), high prices (€15 for a beer) and everyday routines, we asked ourselves; "If we're going to move here, get a new life ... or life, what could we do to make it happen?"


Our background as owners of kitchen and hairdressing businesses gave us the idea to open a restaurant. We knew how to cook and how to take care of customers, what we lacked was a place and a concept (but the fact that none of us had done this before, we didn't see as important... then, we thought; "how hard could it be" . .lol.. little we knew, eventually we got wiser, but no regrets.


The idea was gradually developed with the desire to offer food that we missed from home and our foreign friends also liked, as well as steakhouse dishes served in a different way than the Spanish where most are served "a la planca".


At the beginning of 2018, we quit our jobs, sold everything and moved, and after months of preparation, a lot of red tape, we were finally able to open. The start of October 2018 went beyond all expectations. Everything looked good until we, like the rest of the world, were hit by a virus that paralyzed not only us, but most of the hospitality and tourist industry.


....We barely made it


Today we are back to where we were and are very happy to see our old customers coming back and new ones also discovering us, and we hope that you to find the time to visit us.


Welcome to NoR, our home far away from home. 


Torill and Truls

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